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Manning Tennis Club offers both competitive and social play for adults throughout the year. 


Competition wise, we offer players the opportunity to participate In Tennis West and internal competitions.


Socially we have a number of playing opportunities although we ask you contact the club at in the first instance as timings, activities and formats vary slightly throughout the year.

We recognise the importance of assisting our juniors integrating with or adult players which is why we encourage our upcoming older junior players to have a hit with the adults.


We also try and organise activities throughout the year that enables us to have adults and juniors mix on court to get to interact with each other and also learn more about the programs in place across the club. 

Below are some social tennis activities that's offered during the year. Please note that as these activities are organised, you will need to contact the Club Captain Dwayne Augustin via the club email or 0422 793 941 in the first instance as we are unlikely to have spots for on the day walk-ins:

  • Monday morning: Social tennis (Ladies doubles)

  • Tuesday night social tennis (doubles) 7pm to 9pm

  • Wednesday night tennis (doubles) 7pm to 9pm

  • Thursday evening - pickleball and tennis 7pm onwards

  • Sunday afternoon social tennis (run by Pignatelli Tennis Club)

Our club's coaching team (Tennis Academy) also runs a range of other tennis coaching programs including cardio tennis throughout the year.

Tennis West Competitions

The club mainly participates in Saturday Tennis West competitions (Adults) and Sundays (Juniors). However, if we have numbers we will always look to help accommodate players wanting to play in different leagues. 

Tuesday & Wednesday Night Social / Competitive Tennis

Throughout the year, we run a Tuesday and Wednesday night doubles social the club itself from 7pm onwards. 


Players are usually placed in teams of 4 players (mixed) in advance and play against other teams therefore there are no walk-ins on these nights. To make it more adaptable to people's schedule, teams are created on a weekly basis. 

Generally, Tuesday nights features a vast array of playing abilities while Wednesday night features a majority of players who play competitively. 

Both members and non-members are welcome to register to participate but the ball fees are different ($5 for members / $15 for non-members).

Player hitting.png
Club Championships

Where possible, we try and run our Club Championships during the months of March / April for members. As part of the championships final day, we also normally run a social tournament that is open to members, family and friends before sitting back to enjoy the grand final. 

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