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Club Update: Increase in court availability and tennis activities

Hi all,

With the relaxation of some restrictions in Phase 2 of the State Government’s COVID-19 WA Road Map that comes into effect tomorrow Monday, 18 May 2020, we’re pleased to inform you that the club will be moving into the next phase of our reopening plan as of tomorrow, increasing the playing opportunities for both our existing members and the larger community.

Below is a breakdown of what this means:

General information

  • Continue to follow the guidelines we’ve put in place (click here to read them)

  • Sanitise your hands before entering and exiting the court – we ask you bring your own but we have some that will be placed either on the table or on top of the outside bar top

  • Continue to minimize what you touch around the club including the water cooler (bring your own water) and the outside toilet which should be for emergencies only

  • We recommend you download the COVID-Safe app onto your phone

  • The clubhouse remains closed to everyone except key operational people

Court bookings

  • All courts will be opened for use throughout the day.

  • Only eight (8) of our ten courts will be available for online bookings. Courts 2 and 8 will be allocated at the club’s discretion.

  • Online court bookings continue to be mandatory - we will not accept walk-in bookings / use.

  • Existing members will continue to have exclusive online booking access to four courts (courts 1, 5, 7 and 9). These will be indicated with ‘Members only’ in the court name (e.g. Court 1 (SG) – Members only) and members will be required to enter their membership number as they do now.

  • Four courts (courts 3, 4, 6 and 10) will be available for the public and community to book online – an increase from one court. These will be indicated with ‘Avail to public’ in the court name (e.g. Court 3 (SG) – Avail to public). Members will also be able to book these courts but we ask that you book the other four courts first prior to booking these ones.

  • Time limit for online court bookings will increase to two hours (previously one hour). We do ask you only book for the duration you’re playing for (1hr, 1.5hr or 2hrs) and you restrict your booking to an hour during the following peak periods: - Monday and Friday 3-5pm - Saturday and Sunday 9-11am and 2-5pm

  • Removed recommendations on the limit of bookings per week for members and non-members Unless approved by the Club, the maximum number of players allowed in a group is eight (8) players spread over 2 courts (4 players per court) which is also the maximum number of courts the group can book.

  • Note that we only start charging for lights at 6pm so those who may want to pay from 5-6pm don’t inadvertently get charged night rates – however it does get dark around 5.30pm or so. If you want to hire a court with lights, please make your booking at least 12 hours prior.

  • If you have any questions, contact Dwayne Augustin on 0422 793 931 or via the club email

Social Tennis

  • We will look to start up club-organised social tennis during weekdays in a reduced capacity – this is open to members and non-members.

  • These will be casual hits and not our usual social competition format for now

  • Looking at potentially 7-9pm and between 9am-3pm timeslots.

  • If you’re interested, please complete this survey here. Players who normally play Tuesday and Wednesday night tennis that are interested are still required to complete the survey if they want to be included in any further communications.


  • Where possible, coaching groups will remain at four players per group.

  • For sessions where this might not be feasible, we’ve blocked out all four hardcourts to enable the coaching team to spread players out as required.

  • As a reminder, parents must register their children in coaching classes and not just turn up on the day. We’ve asked the coaching team to be really strict on this as we need it for court allocation planning and a record of who has been at the club.

Hit-Up Wall and Playground area

  • The hit-up wall will stay unlocked for now giving people greater access to use it

  • The playground continues to remain closed until further notice

  • We ask people to use common sense and follow social distancing guidelines

The club together with the Tennis Academy coaching team is continually reviewing our operations and making changes to adapt to the evolving situation. Unless they are major changes, we will do so quietly in the background so you may notice subtle changes around the club and on the online court booking system.

We expect our next club update to be when WA moves into Phase 3 of the State Government’s COVID-19 Road Map so till then, stay safe and enjoy the squeaking sounds of your shoes on the court or the feel of your racquet strings making contact with the tennis ball.

As always, thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us. Kind regards, MTC Committee


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