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Merry Christmas from Mawer Consulting

Merry Christmas to the MTC Community!

This time of year is one for reflection upon the year that has passed and making plans for the future (“Fail to Plan; Plan to Fail”).

We specialise in helping clients more than just completing tax returns. We help clients:

  • Identify and quantify what they would like to achieve in life;

  • Ascertain the clients current financial position;

  • Project the likely path; and

  • Work together to create strategies to assist clients to realise their dreams.

Our business relies on word of mouth, so it would be great for the MTC community to assist in spreading the word. Feel free to call or email me to catch up for a coffee to see how we can assist.

If you would like to sign up for a monthly newsletter outlining the latest in business and taxation, please use this link here.

Please find a range of our social media pages below:

Checkout our video below to find out more about the Mawer Consulting difference:

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