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Manning Tennis Club Facilities Get An Upgrade

Thanks to the City of South Perth’s Community Funding Program, the club was fortunate enough to receive a grant that has gone towards enhancing our facilities and ultimately improving our members’ and visitors’ experience at the club.

The Community Development Grant which the club received in June 2024 has been used to:

  • Add an additional water fountain at the front of the clubhouse, making it more convenient and reducing waiting times during peak periods

  • Upgraded the shower heads to a more waterwise option in both bathrooms making it a more practical and convenient option for players who might need to have a shower prior to their next appointment

  • Replaced the remaining bathroom lights to sensor lights as part of our ongoing sustainability journey.

As always, we are constantly planning ahead and considering major upgrades (i.e. court maintenance and replacement) and minor upgrades so we would love to hear your thoughts on what we’ve already done and any ideas on what else we should look at.

To share your feedback and ideas please complete this online form here or visit


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