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Calling all MTC casual players

Do you play at Manning Tennis Club but you're not a member? We would still like to know as we still consider you a part of the MTC family.

At Manning Tennis Club, we pride ourselves as part of the community and while our membership comes with a lot of great perks, we recognised that not everyone signs up to be a member for one reason or another.

However, to help us better understand how many people are playing the game at the club and how much our club facilities are being used, it would be great to know if you do play at our club as it'll help significantly with our planning, upkeep, completion of our tennis affiliation and also whenever we apply for grants.

Most importantly of course is that we can keep you informed of what's going on at the club so that we can make sure we can invite you to come along to special club days where you'll have a chance to mingle with club members and others in the community.

So how can you help us know if you use our facilities. It's quite simple really.

All you have to do is visit our online membership site here and sign up to the 2018/2019 MTC Casual Players (non-members) category. As you'll have to register on the Tennis Australia site, you'll also get all the benefits that comes with it such as early access to Australian Open tickets and opportunity to go into the ballot for other grand slams amongst other things.

Of course, if you would like to join us as a member then or at a later date, we would definitely love to have you.

Click here if you need additional guiding details about how to sign up.

Thanks for playing at the club and we look forward to seeing more of you there.


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