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Last chance for senior members to sign up for summer competitions

For those looking to participate in Tennis West or SSTA summer competition tennis, this is your last chance to nominate by informing Dwayne Augustin either via email ( or 0422 793 941.

If you’re interested, please submit your interest by 5pm Monday 10 Septemberto help us form teams, as we need to submit Tennis West nominations the next day.

Please provide your full name, contact details and which competition you’re interested in and confirmation whether you want to be a regular player (available for at least 75% of matches) or a reserve.

Tennis West schedule: Tennis West starts on 18/20 October 2018 and the full Tennis West league calendar can be found here.

SSTA schedule: SSTA is currently scheduled to start on Saturday 20 October - more information can be found here.

For those who would like to play competitive tennis on Saturday but aren’t able to commit, please email Dwayne to let him know too in case something can be organised.

Please note that registration for juniors summer competitions has closed.

Note: All players must be fully paid members of the club in order to represent the club. Click here to learn how to complete your online membership form.


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