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Nominations for 2020/2021 Summer Tennis competitions are now open

With the nominations now open for both Tennis West and South Suburban Tennis Association (SSTA) summer competitions, the club is calling for anyone that is interested in playing to register their interest using the following links by Wednesday 9 September 2020:

Adult competitions (Tennis West and SSTA) registration link:

Junior competitions (Tennis West) registration link:

There has been a few changes to the Tennis West competitions this summer with the introduction of 3 player teams and new age groups for the junior competition.

For Adults, we generally participate in Saturday afternoon. competitions for both Tennis West and SSTA while for Juniors, the competition is held on Sunday mornings. A full list of all the Tennis West formats can be found in this document here. The SSTA Doubles competition is likely to once again be a 2 men 2 ladies team.

Tennis West competitions will commence on Saturday 18 October while we expect SSTA competitions to start around the same time or a week earlier / later.

When registering your interest, it's important you check all the playing dates (they can be found in this calendar here) to confirm if you are able to play at least 75% of all matches if you want to be a regular player and to let us know which dates you might not be available.

All players must be a member of the tennis club and you will also have to pay ball fees ($5 per week for Adults and $40 for juniors).

If you have any questions, email us at or contact Dwayne Augustin on 0422 793 941 (Adults) or Ashley Bacon on 0429 002 204 (Juniors).


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